What Exactly is Digital Marketing?

digital marketing

When I tell people I work in digital marketing strategy, their next question is usually “so what do you actually do?” Most of the time their assumption is that digital marketing = social media marketing. The truth is that this is only a part of what I do. While social media…

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7 Benefits of a Digital Adoption Plan For Your Business 

Omnichannel Marketing

Does your organization have a digital adoption plan? Are you focusing on your digital and IT strategy and/or transformation in a way that will help you to push your business forward?  Plenty of organizations don’t seem to understand the importance of mapping out what digital adoption they’re currently using, and…

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The Omnichannel Marketing Experience 

Omnichannel Marketing

The Benefits of Driving a Seamless Customer Journey   First, what is Omnichannel Marketing? What makes these brands like Coke, McDonald’s and Ford so successful? They practice omnichannel marketing—marketing that looks to supply a seamless buyer experience, regardless of channel or device.   From a consumer perspective, the most successful brands are…

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7 Twitter Bio Ideas to Convert Visitors Into Followers 

Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio is your brand’s introduction to the world. You have 160 characters to define your brand, establish its personality and be memorable. Are you doing your business justice in this space? The first thing your audience sees when they search for your brand on Twitter is your Twitter…

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Wingman Named Official CDAP Digital Advisor

Canada Digital Adoption Program

CDAP DIGITAL ADVISOR Wingman Direct Marketing is pleased to say we have been named on March 11, 2022, as a CDAP Digital Advisor to assist SMEs with their Digital Adoption Plans over the next 4 years. Find out more. The Government of Canada, as part of the 2021 federal budget, announced the Canada…

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5 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

Marketing Mistakes

The opportunity to promote your business online has surged since the pandemic, making it worthwhile to explore ways you can maximize your reach. Scrambling to figure it out while managing all the other responsibilities you juggle as a small business owner can be daunting – we can help. Our time…

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Four Tips to Optimize Your Website For Effective Ecommerce


Did you know that 69.0% of people in North America have taken advantage of online shopping – or Ecommerce – in the past 12 months. That means two of three of us already see the convenience and wide range of products and services available. This migration of traffic online has led to…

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3 Lessons From a Virtual Internship

Virtual internship

Currently, I am completing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a double concentration in Marketing and Management at Mount Royal University. I had the great opportunity to obtain job experience as a Digital Marketing Intern with Wingman Direct Marketing while finishing my undergraduate degree. Like many other students who were…

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What is a Customer Journey Map and How Can You Use it to Your Advantage?

customer journey map

A customer journey map and act of creating one for your business reveals processes and interaction points, identifies where channels can be switched, and highlights areas where information can be exchanged. This helps service your customers better and better and also should be tied to your own business objectives and goals.    Earlier…

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Wingman Direct Marketing Creative Process

Creative Process

Hey, my name is Mason – I’m the Graphic Designer here at Wingman Direct Marketing. Working at Wingman allows the opportunity to create content for all different types of clients – but, what is the creative process when designing posters, logos, social media graphics and everything else in between? We here at Wingman…

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5 Reasons to Keep Your Personal and Professional Social Media Separate

Personal and professional social media separate

Most people enjoy using social media accounts. Therefore, it’s tempting to use your existing social media profiles for business use. However, social media for business is extremely different than social media for personal use. While the broad concepts are somewhat similar, there are several key differences as the article below will reveal. Below are five reasons to…

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