Social Media Tactical Plan for B2B 

social media tactical plan

“My business doesn’t need social media!” This may have been true in years past but in 2023, a social media tactical plan is a necessary piece of your sales and marketing mix.   Most assuredly, B2B social media is here to stay. In fact, recent Sprout Social statistics note that social…

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Wingman’s 5 Pillars of Marketing 

5 Pillars of Marketing

What are Wingman’s 5 Pillars of Marketing? You’ve heard of Jerome McCarthy’s managerial approach to marketing – the 4-P’s. Product, Place, Price and Promotion make up the Marketing Mix students have been studying since the late 1950’s. Product solves a problem, price defines the value, promotion allows you to talk…

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6 Tried-And-True Steps to Improve Your Google Ranking

Improve Your Google Ranking

To improve your Google ranking, sometimes you must dip back into tried-and-true tactics. Unlike in the movie, “Field of Dreams,” if you build it, they will NOT come. You have a beautifully designed and developed website. You might even have Pulitzer award worthy content. It won’t mean a thing if…

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2023 Budgeting Tips!


2023 is right around the corner! Is your business prepared to reach new heights? Every year we at Wingman help businesses set goals for their marketing strategies so that they can head into the new year feeling prepared and confident. Keep reading for some common marketing budget strategies to assist…

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4 Lessons Learned as a Digital Marketing Intern

4 lessons learned

I am currently in my final semester at Bow Valley College, completing a business administration diploma with a major in digital marketing. I had the privilege of being hired as a fall intern at Wingman Direct Marketing.  Over the past few months, I have learned so much from my Wingman…

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Facebook Etiquette

Facebook Etiquette

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms for businesses, groups, and individuals. With over 2.934 billion users, there is a tremendous opportunity to use it to grow your business. An application with great power also requires great responsibility from its users. As a business you need…

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How to Add Direct Mail to Your Digital Marketing Campaign 

digital marketing campaign

Why Use Direct Mail in 2023? (Part 3 of 3) Integrating a direct mail and digital marketing campaign can have a profound effect on your marketing efforts. Check out these three uncomplicated ways to integrate mail into your multichannel campaigns:  Follow up with an email to your direct mail recipients…

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Wingman Direct Marketing Celebrates 5 Years

Wingman Direct Marketing

Wingman Crew member Mark DeWit here. I’m a Digital Marketing Intern here at Wingman Direct Marketing. I sat down with Crew Chief David Daigle to celebrate and reflect on Wingman’s five year anniversary. David has had a huge impact on everyone who has come across Wingman. Myself and many others are…

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Why Online Reviews Are Essential For Your Business

Online Reviews

Online reviews and online reputation management are invaluable for consumers who have never tried your product or service and want to know others’ honest experiences with your business. A 2021 survey indicated that 98% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses.  First off, it’s important to specify what an…

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How to Market Your Canadian Home Care Business

home care business

Grow your small business with the help of a Wingman.    As an entrepreneur and caregiver, you have one of the most fulfilling and challenging jobs. Not only do you spend your days caring for the sick, disabled and/or elderly, but you also have to pour extra energy into growing your Canadian home care…

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How to Market Yourself as a Consultant

Man presenting to three seated individuals in a boardroom.

Work with a Wingman to create an effective marketing strategy for your consulting business.     As a consultant, it almost goes without saying that your business relies on your ability to get clients.   However, while you have an expert grasp on your profession of choice — be it accounting, human resources, or…

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6 Months of Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas

Is your team brainstorming fresh marketing ideas or full-fledged campaigns right now? Are you hitting a brick wall? Sometimes you just need a hand stimulating ideas. That’s why we publish updated marketing ideas from time to time to give you a head start in your planning. Plan Ahead Marketing campaigns…

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