Microsite & Landing Page Development

Perfect for…

Laser-focused targeting on your desired marketing segment
Reducing costs per impression, lead, and acquisition
Improving key performance indicators such as stay duration, conversion rate, and quality score


Microsite and landing page development requires a single, actionable goal to succeed.

Customers are easily put off by advertisements that don’t lead them directly to the product or service they were looking for (or the advertisement that you led them to believe). Offering a landing page (or no landing page for that matter) that doesn’t align with the customer’s intent could easily create a chain of negative events. Your CPC increases, quality scores drop, and customers leave your website with a bad taste in their mouth.   

Whether your company has a particular goal, such as generating awareness or converting prospects, creating a landing page that precisely matches your advertisement’s call-to-action reduces the cost per acquisition and improves your overall quality score. As a matter of fact, the success of search engine marketing and social media campaigns hinges on the landing page’s success to convert prospects.  

WMDM can expertly craft landing pages that are built for the buyer’s journey to be as quick and easy as possible. Talk to a Wingman today to find out how we can improve your marketing efforts.


Wingman has years of extensive experience working with blue-chip corporations to build and reinforce top-of-mind awareness in their customers. From conceptualization to deployment, your branding starts with WMDM.

If you’re looking for a local, trusted business with a track record of converting sales with landing pages, we got your back. WMDM has worked with small and large businesses alike as contractors or marketing partners in building landing pages that resonate with their customers.  

Whenever you need additional firepower from a trusted marketing contractor, we got your back.  

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