6 Months of Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas

Is your team brainstorming fresh marketing ideas or full-fledged campaigns right now? Are you hitting a brick wall? Sometimes you just need a hand stimulating ideas. That’s why we publish updated marketing ideas from time to time to give you a head start in your planning. Plan Ahead Marketing campaigns…

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7 Twitter Bio Ideas to Convert Visitors Into Followers 

Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio is your brand’s introduction to the world. You have 160 characters to define your brand, establish its personality and be memorable. Are you doing your business justice in this space? The first thing your audience sees when they search for your brand on Twitter is your Twitter…

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5 Reasons to Keep Your Personal and Professional Social Media Separate

Personal and professional social media separate

Most people enjoy using social media accounts. Therefore, it’s tempting to use your existing social media profiles for business use. However, social media for business is extremely different than social media for personal use. While the broad concepts are somewhat similar, there are several key differences as the article below will reveal. Below are five reasons to…

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Top 8 Digital Marketing Questions Wingman Team Gets Asked

Digital Marketing Questions

The world rapidly thrust businesses like yours to become increasingly digital with the continuing impact of the global pandemic in the past year and a half. Companies across all sectors are looking for ways to transition their marketing investments from traditional to digital marketing solutions. The Wingman Crew has been…

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Seven LinkedIn Myths Stopping Your Growth Debunked

linkedin myths

Often in prospect meetings, I hear people tell me that LinkedIn is not right for them. They are worried about using it for one reason or another. Below, Wingman Direct Marketing demystifies and debunks seven LinkedIn myths and why they needn’t be a worry at all. LinkedIn Myth 1: LinkedIn…

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10 Communication Strategies in a Time of Crisis

Communication strategies - Woman at a desk at dusk

Wingman has compiled a list of crisis communication strategies to assist your team in today’s current situation. However, this is also the way you should be marketing and running your business even in the best of times. 1. Focus on thankfulness.  You can lament the situation at hand or to…

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Six Months of Seasonal Marketing Ideas

seasonal marketing

Updated for 2021 on March 1, 2021 In February alone, you survived Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day and Family Day (and of course the crew at Wingman Direct Marketing also celebrated Aviation Day on February 23rd. Here’s us last year at the Hangar Flight Museum). This will be followed quickly by…

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2020 Is About YOU. Not Business.

Today is #BellLetsTalkDay. So let’s talk about it—mental health and the stigma surrounding it, particularly in the workplace. In the fast-paced, forward-thinking nature of today’s working society, it’s easy to forget to take a step back and check up on how YOU are doing. We spend more hours of our…

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Marketing Ideas for Electricians

marketing ideas for electricians

Work with a Wingman to create an effective marketing strategy for your electrical business.      Starting an electrical business today is not what it was 20, 10 or even five years ago. No longer is it enough to rely on word-of-mouth referrals to grow your business. Today, most referrals and business connections happen online.  …

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