Jillian Irene Lee & Associates

Jillian Irene Lee & Associates is a video production firm based in Calgary, Alberta. They pride themselves in their ability to hear and tell your unique brand stories – regardless of your company’s size, they’ll bring it down to the people and the personality behind the name. If you’re trying to be found, seen, or understood, they are dedicated to providing a platform for your message and voice to be heard.

The Opportunity

The client engaged Wingman to re-brand their online presence as they diversified their offering to focus on corporate video production. Our crew was tasked to develop a fresh online look and feel for Jillian Irene Lee. We would need to utilize past work to position JIL as the go-to source in Calgary for video storytelling. This would mean researching potential clients and how to attract them to JIL.

The Solution

Wingman worked with the client to isolate ideal targets and provide list of look-alike prospects.  research for full buyer persona development prior to engaging in necessary brand and marketing activities. We refreshed a clean look for JIL using preferred colours and accents using it for new social handles and web domain. We helped plan out the first 12-month marketing strategy including blog and social post content planning.

The Outcome

Benefit to Client:

JIL & Associates are award-winning film producers that do what they do spectacularly well. What they do not have in their collective tool belt is tenured marketing experience. Thus the need for our assistance in their success. Wingman provides additional bandwidth to the JIL team in filling their sales funnel. Marketing opens the sales door for the client.


All initial online and offline marketing collateral was completed on time. It is early stages in the launch but client starts out with:

  • 3 distinct target categories with well-defined characteristics and strategies to attract them
  • over 200 followers on social platforms
  • a conversion path enabled website moving prospects systematically down the funnel 


Skills: Persona Development, WordPress, Branding, Social Media Marketing

Client: Jillian Irene Lee & Associates

Website: https://jilassociates.com/