Access eHealth Technologies Inc.

Access eHealth is a health technology startup that has developed a sophisticated cloud-based enterprise (ERP) software – AccessEMR – offering higher quality of care to the fastest-growing segment of our population—our seniors and the elderly. Access eHealth, through the use of the AccessEMR products aims to accelerate the adoption of electronic medical records (EMRs) among long-term post-acute care facilities.

The Opportunity

The client came to Wingman with a company name, a purchased domain and the high-level schematics of a superior software application that would immensely increase the productivity in long-term and home care facilities. Wingman was tasked to strategize the full branding, online and offline marketing, and all sales activity for Access eHealth.

The Solution

Wingman worked with the client to conduct target research for full buyer persona development prior to engaging in necessary brand and marketing activities. Our crew designed a clean and clever logo incorporating an infinity symbol taking place of the two “C’s” in Access. It stands alone well as well as in the full naming and future product branding. But branding is not a logo. We designed full brand imagery and initial brand culture for the client.

We leveraged the freshly designed branding to skin the product and used it for all online and offline marketing and sales collateral. The website was developed with optimizing and lead conversion as top priority. On top of crafting 12-month and 24-month marketing strategies, Wingman also positioned the need for business development (sales) strategies for Access. This would include target persona development, list acquisition/brokering/vetting, SWOT analysis, hiring of sales team personnel and territory development.

The Outcome

Benefit to Client:

The client needed a single source solution for a crucial aspect of their business they did not have at onset of their company. By outsourcing their marketing and business development tasks to an established team, they could instantly ramp up and be marketing and sales ready the instant the product became ready for market.


The marketing and sales strategy for Access eHealth was fully in place at time of product launch allowing:

  • a sales funnel populated with 800+ primary and secondary sales targets
  • online push tactics with 40+ initial pre-launch followers to inform, educate and engage with
  • a conversion path enabled website catering to multiple buyer persona targets
  • a focused sales team organized by territory and segmented targeting
  • two substantial warm leads prior to launch


Skills: Marketing Strategy, Personas, WordPress, HubSpot, Sales Funnel

Client: Access eHealth Technologies Inc.



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