Mental Health and COVID-19: 5 Tips for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to Cope

Mental Health - Businessman with shadow of superhero

It’s not uncommon for business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs to have “superhero” status attached to them, but even heroes need help from others. These company heads build innovative industry giants so they themselves must be invincible, right? No, even business leaders aren’t immune to mental health problems. Considering recent COVID-19…

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5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Let’s be honest—2020 has been a crazy year for everyone.  COVID-19 has brought changes to our lives, to society, and how we handle our business. The global pandemic has—quite literally—permanently shifted the views of our peers alike.  Consumers are turning to digital mediums as an integral channel to purchase goods…

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Are You Ready For Takeoff?

Since March, most of our clients and prospects have had their marketing grounded. Thankfully, after almost two months of uncertainty, Alberta will be entering Stage 1 of its plans to loosen restrictions for many businesses. Are you ready for takeoff? Per the relaunch strategy starting next Thursday (May 14th), restaurants can re-open at half…

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6 Months of WMDM — Thank You!

Thank you - image of employees in different team activities

Message from the Crew Chief, David Daigle: Today marks the half-year mark for Wingman Direct Marketing. To say the first six months was like a roller coaster ride is giving undue props to roller coasters. To say thank you, we wanted to tell you all about the last six months. Day 1…

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