Wingman Direct Marketing Celebrates 5 Years

Wingman Direct Marketing

Wingman Crew member Mark DeWit here. I’m a Digital Marketing Intern here at Wingman Direct Marketing. I sat down with Crew Chief David Daigle to celebrate and reflect on Wingman’s five year anniversary. David has had a huge impact on everyone who has come across Wingman. Myself and many others are…

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Wingman Named Official CDAP Digital Advisor

Canada Digital Adoption Program

CDAP DIGITAL ADVISOR Wingman Direct Marketing is pleased to say we have been named on March 11, 2022, as a CDAP Digital Advisor to assist SMEs with their Digital Adoption Plans over the next 4 years. Find out more. The Government of Canada, as part of the 2021 federal budget, announced the Canada…

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HSA Group

CALGARY, AB MARCH 1, 2021 –Wingman Direct Marketing today announced that it has been named agency of record (AOR) across multiple online and offline branding and marketing disciplines by The HSA Group’s HSA Easy Pay Ltd. and HSA & WSA Employment Benefits Ltd. Both companies, herein referred to simply as…

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5 Things I Learned Working at a Startup

Startup - Vivian holding a cupcake

By Vivian Lee, Social Media Marketing Lead at Wingman Direct Marketing (WMDM)  Today is my last day at WMDM.   In November 2019, I received an email from someone named David Daigle, asking if I was interested in a Digital Marketing position at WMDM. I wasn’t familiar with WMDM at the time,…

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5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Let’s be honest—2020 has been a crazy year for everyone.  COVID-19 has brought changes to our lives, to society, and how we handle our business. The global pandemic has—quite literally—permanently shifted the views of our peers alike.  Consumers are turning to digital mediums as an integral channel to purchase goods…

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Seven Ways to Return to the Office Safely

Return to the office - Woman at desk with her mask on.

It has been difficult for just about every Canadian these past couple months, adjusting to isolation and staying at home. So many of us want to return to “normal” and even long to return to the office. At the base of humankind is a need to be social—in the homes…

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Are You Ready For Takeoff?

Since March, most of our clients and prospects have had their marketing grounded. Thankfully, after almost two months of uncertainty, Alberta will be entering Stage 1 of its plans to loosen restrictions for many businesses. Are you ready for takeoff? Per the relaunch strategy starting next Thursday (May 14th), restaurants can re-open at half…

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Donations to Calgary Food Bank: Your $1 Becomes $5

Calgary Food Bank - food sorting warehouse

Photo courtesy of Calgary Food Bank. Did you know that for every $1 donated to the Calgary Food Bank, they can distribute the equivalent of $5 worth of food to families in the community that need it? We bet you didn’t realize how valuable your financial donations to were! In…

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6 Months of WMDM — Thank You!

Thank you - image of employees in different team activities

Message from the Crew Chief, David Daigle: Today marks the half-year mark for Wingman Direct Marketing. To say the first six months was like a roller coaster ride is giving undue props to roller coasters. To say thank you, we wanted to tell you all about the last six months. Day 1…

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A Day in the (Quarantine) Life: Working From Home

Quarantine - work from home office setup

Hi everyone, I’m Vivian, the Digital Marketing Coordinator here at WMDM. We are officially in our FIFTH week of quarantine amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and to be honest with you, I think I’ve begun to really nail down this whole “working from home” thing. After working remotely for 5 weeks,…

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Seven Ways Job-Seekers Get Ripped Off

Job seekers - photo of an interview

Do you remember what it felt like to join the ranks of job seekers and to finally get your first job? For me, it was Toys “R” Us, and it was a mind-numbingly easy job to say the least. But when I got my first paycheque, I was thrilled. It…

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Agency - photo of David and Aleksandra of SUM Ltd.

2/7/2020 CALGARY, AB February 7, 2020 –Wingman Direct Marketing (WMDM) today announced that it has been named agency of record (AOR) across multiple online and offline branding and marketing disciplines by SUM Ltd, a Calgary-based manufacturing company. SUM Ltd is a family-owned and operated multi-national corporation, specializing in the production…

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1/31/2020 CALGARY, AB JANUARY 31, 2020 – Wingman Direct Marketing today announced that it has been named agency of record (AOR) across multiple online and offline branding and marketing disciplines by JIL & Associates, an Alberta video production company. Co-founders Jillian Lee and Sue Walker have formed a new production…

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12/15/2019 CALGARY, AB DECEMBER 15, 2019 – Wingman Direct Marketing today announced that it has been named Agency of Record (AOR) across multiple marketing and sales services disciplines by Access eHealth Technologies Inc., a cloud-based health informatics technology start-up.  As Access eHealth completes its development for initial launch in Spring…

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WMDM Surpasses 50% of its $5,000 Annual Donation Goal

Christmas is the season of giving. With that in mind, Wingman Direct Marketing is happy to share that in the first 4 months of our fiscal year, we have already hit 53.4% of our annual donation goals. Through WMDM ’s Wingman Wishes initiative, we have committed to donating $5,000 annually…

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Wingman is growing—again!

It was only a mere four months since I hired Kevin, my first crew member for WMDM. Now, Wingman is growing once again! With a breadth of knowledge in digital marketing and exuberant passion for photography, I’d like to give a warm welcome to Vivian. She will be assisting Wingman…

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Marketing Trends 2020

New Decade, New Trends. Each year brings a new, novel method of presenting content to users, and 2020 is no exception. This year brings some exciting new toys for marketers to use that pushes our creative and analytical juices to new levels and we wanted to share our insights with…

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