Print Collateral/Out of Home

Perfect for…

Leaving a large impact and sense of connection with your brand with something tangible
Placing value on the message you’re conveying to a receiver through a targeted approach
Giving clients something that will be remembered and that has a long shelf life


When we flip through print collateral like a glossy calendar or hold a uniquely shaped pamphlet, it feels like a much-needed departure from the monotony of the digital world.

Print collateral, also known as leave-behind marketing materials, are used to promote the product or service your business offers. It is a fantastic way of promoting your brand for the simple reason of engaging the senses. It can engage as many as 4 of the human senses—even smell— in a single interaction. By contrast, digital mediums, are capable of engaging only sight and sound.

But why does this matter? An event, whether it’s a concert, a play, or first date, is memorable because these moments interact with your senses and emotions, firing synapses within the brain. The more senses are tied to positive emotions, the more memorable the event becomes. In the same vein, print collateral is successful by tying positive experiences with emotions. Various types include business cards, brochures, flyers, folders, stationary, calendars, business cards, catalogues, and posters. They can be used just about anywhere your clients will be—at trade shows, sales meetings, conferences are excellent leave-behind locations.

Along with helping you generate leads and reach new clients, print collateral can also strengthen your relationships with existing or returning clients. If a client has done business with you in the past, you can send them print collateral with a discount code to re-purchase, or to inform them of a new or improved product/service. The goal is to make your clients feel appreciated on a personal level—and print collateral does just that.

Other benefits of print collateral:

Maintains your brand image and its consistency—logos, colours, fonts
Create a sense of urgency with direct and actionable copy


Your print collateral should make a strong and lasting impression, centered around a solid and research-based strategy to reach your target clients, convey the right message, and reinforce your brand image. At WMDM, we’ll consult with you to determine your business goals and target audience, conceptualize and create a design brief, write copy, and oversee production, printing, and distribution of your print collateral.

Talk to a Wingman today to learn more about how we can help you use print collateral to “put a bow” on your clients’ experience with your brand and make a tangible impression.

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