Persona Development

Perfect for…

Framing what your ideal client looks like
Resource waste reduction targeting uninterested businesses
Creating tangibility for your brand, your clients and your products


Build archetypes.

Whether you’re developing a new product or performing target market research for you or your clients’ company, persona development is a critical and vital piece to any business. Personas are fictitious representations of your actual clients and product users, creating a shared ‘wireframe’ to align your team’s focus during the early stages of product development or company redesign.

The benefits of persona development can be felt almost immediately:

They allow team members to quickly understand a group of users. Personas take data and make the stories more compelling, making them easier to remember and consider when the team is working on the solution together
Personas provide designers with a framework to build upon. This mitigates confusion among the designers who may subconsciously bring in their own values and ideals into the product design. Since personas focus on the needs of the users, the team can walk through scenarios and determine optimal placement of content to specifically support the goal of the product
Put a face to the name. Personas bundle an abstract set of values and ideals into a tangible, relatable product


To create accurate personas, we must have information to better understand who your clients are. WMDM retrieves this information in a variety of ways, including interviews, surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, calls and website feedback targeting your existing clients. We’ll ask them questions to understand why they chose to use your product or service. To reach potential new clients, we’ll sit down with you to brainstorm personas using your product goals and purpose, and who you believe to be your client base. Once we have this information, we’ll pull together 4-7 personas that represent each of your client/user groups. The personas will include information such as a fictitious name, job title, demographics (age, gender, salary, location, education, family), pain points, goals and values. This data will be presented to you in a professional and easy-to-read document.

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