Performance Reporting

Perfect for…

Tracking your progress toward achieving your business objectives in a tangible way
Giving a status update to various stakeholders with more proficiency
Improving communication and enhancing performance amongst your team


Doing things blindly and lacking the ability to measure key metrics can result in serious consequences for companies.

The importance of having a performance reporting system in place cannot be understated. Your business can suffer immensely if your processes are carried out blindly. Business processes can be optimized by measuring various parameters, such as the rate of inventory or staff turnover, growth rate, sales volume, annual revenues and expenditures, profit, client satisfaction, production output, market share, and client acquisition rate.

With a performance reporting system, you’ll be able to have a clearer and precise picture of your company’s standing. You’ll be able to decode current performance levels, set realistic goals, and evaluate your weaknesses to make improvements.

Performance reporting also offers the following benefits for your business:

Benchmarking – Performance reporting provides data that will assist you with identifying new ways to improve efficiency, productivity, and client satisfaction
Monitoring the workforce – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help you monitor employee behaviour, set goals, improve employee performance, and strengthen team cohesion
Preparing external reports – Performance reporting assists you with the preparation of external business reports such as annual reports and corporate social responsibility reports
Improving communication – Performance reporting gives you client insights and helps you understand the needs of your clients


At Wingman, we understand the importance of performance reporting and how it can help your business flourish. We sit down with you to understand your business objectives and long-term vision and use this information to define key performance indicators that best align with your objectives. Following the timeline you provide, we continually monitor these KPIs and offer regular updates on business’ performance in defining areas. We’ll package all this data in a neat, presentable and easy-to-understand report, with recommendations on how you can improve. Book a Wingman today to get started!

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