List Brokering and Hygiene

Perfect for…

Targeting a specific group of individuals
Reconfirming that members of your list would like to continue to opt-in
Cleaning out dead emails, false names, spam, duplicates, or even changes in addresses


List brokering & hygiene is the most important part of a direct marketing campaign.

It’s not a surprise that better campaign results are garnered from mailing to accurate, complete addresses. Doing anything less simply looks unprofessional and is a waste of resources. Successful campaigns start with an accurate, targeted list.  

But did you know industry reports have indicated most company’s internal lists have an average of 20-25% of suspect records including incorrect names, entries with deceased individuals, or sending mail to the wrong address? Unfortunately, it’s even more common for smaller companies to let their lists fall by the wayside and have a staggering 70% average suspect records. By cleaning your list before you initiate a campaign, you maximize response and conversion rates while reducing overall cost and cost of acquisition.

If you’re looking for further support with your marketing and mailing lists, Wingman is pleased to offer a full list management service that extends beyond just list brokering and hygiene.


List brokering and hygiene comes as naturally to us as a bird flying its wings. With decades of experience, WMDM’s direct marketing strategy is a core expertise that has earned the trust of several nationally renowned blue-chip corporations. We manage large lists with entries of upwards of a million each. 

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