Campaign Management and Execution

Perfect for…

Companies that foresee an issue and require a quick turnaround
Small businesses that require external marketing expertise with a project that has a clearly defined scope


It takes a certain kind of person to handle the intricacies of campaign management and execution.

Have an idea that you need to get off the ground, but don’t have the resources to do so? When it comes to campaign management, it is no simple feat, and resolving complex problems with competing deadlines are simply table-stakes in this field. Wingman has handled a variety of projects throughout its history—we’re no strangers to the level of dedication you might expect.  

WMDM deploys a standard, tried-and-true workflow to handle any campaign you need. Once the task-at-hand is completed to the high standard we hold ourselves to, we hand it off to the respective team with a seamless transition to ensure that, by the end of your project, it will be fully integrated with your company:  

  • Developing the overarching goal: Understand the problem and convert it into an executable project plan 
  • Organize the project into S.M.A.R.T tasks: Handle interdependent problems that will imminently arise and sort into bite-sized, attainable tasks that are well-documented, controlled, and monitored. 
  • Assemble the team: We design our teams to fit according to the skills you require, outlined by the problem you face. 
  • Mitigate scope creep: Managing funds, spending, and stay within the project’s budget. 
  • Manage hand-over: Once the project has been completed, deliver to the respective team or business to handle maintenance going forward, or remain as an integral part of the project and act as on-going support. 

Campaign management is a demanding task that could take a significant amount of non-monetary resources, such as time or human, that the company or business may or may not have to allocate to the job, depending on its inherent size or scope. WMDM can be the missing piece you need to get the job done.  


Wingman has years of extensive experience working with blue-chip corporations to build and reinforce top-of-mind awareness in their customers. From conceptualization to deployment, your branding starts with WMDM.

WMDM is your campaign execution manager. We are passionate, organized and goal-oriented. Using our unique set of skills and expertise, WMDM can play a strategic role in ensuring your campaign is set up to succeed, regardless of how small or large your objective may be. We understand that no two campaigns are alike, and that one size does not, in fact, fit all. We adapt our managerial approach to the context and constraints given to us by you, our clients. 

No matter what the marketing campaign your company aims to pursue, WMDM has your back through and through.  

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