Calgary Graphic Design

Perfect for…

Communicating and engaging your audience with thought-provoking graphics for online and offline
Developing creative content for any of your projects: infographics, email headers, print collateral graphics, social media. We do it all.
Demonstrating your company’s professionalism and building confidence in prospects before engaging in a purchase


Graphic design is where visuals meet intent.

It cannot exist without the other. Our job as a graphic design agency is to communicate an idea that inspires and captivates your audience by cohesively joining symbolism, images and words together.  

WMDM deploys a creative design process where your feedback is critical to each step to ensure our graphic design and your brand are in sync with one another:

Consultation: WMDM holds a design brief with you and your team to understand your values, goals, and objectives.
Research & Conceptualization: Next, our team brainstorms what imagery and symbolism best defines your company’s ethos, producing several graphic design concepts for your review.
Revise, Revise, Revise: The iteration process takes your feedback into careful consideration, refining the graphic’s colour, dimensions, appearance or even taking an entirely different path. Once final approval has been given, we provide all source files for your use wherever you need it—online or offline.


As a Calgary marketing agency with decades of experience, we create design solutions backed with a clearly defined message that tells your brand story. We offer several graphic design services that are tailored to your specific needs—whether that’s a professional logo, business card, or branded merchandise, Wingman has got your back.

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