Wingman Direct Marketing Celebrates 5 Years

Wingman Direct Marketing

Wingman Crew member Mark DeWit here. I’m a Digital Marketing Intern here at Wingman Direct Marketing. I sat down with Crew Chief David Daigle to celebrate and reflect on Wingman’s five year anniversary. David has had a huge impact on everyone who has come across Wingman. Myself and many others are…

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How to Market Your Canadian Home Care Business

home care business

Grow your small business with the help of a Wingman.    As an entrepreneur and caregiver, you have one of the most fulfilling and challenging jobs. Not only do you spend your days caring for the sick, disabled and/or elderly, but you also have to pour extra energy into growing your Canadian home care…

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How to Market Yourself as a Consultant

Man presenting to three seated individuals in a boardroom.

Work with a Wingman to create an effective marketing strategy for your consulting business.     As a consultant, it almost goes without saying that your business relies on your ability to get clients.   However, while you have an expert grasp on your profession of choice — be it accounting, human resources, or…

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What is a Customer Journey Map and How Can You Use it to Your Advantage?

customer journey map

A customer journey map and act of creating one for your business reveals processes and interaction points, identifies where channels can be switched, and highlights areas where information can be exchanged. This helps service your customers better and better and also should be tied to your own business objectives and goals.    Earlier…

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Five Ways to Promote Your Business Without Talking About…You


The Wingman crew talks with 100+ small businesses and entrepreneurs every year and many share a similar situation – they want to create awareness and get more business, but self-promotion stops them cold. For many of them, marketing is the single most challenging and intimidating aspect of running their business….

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What a Finance Major Can Learn as a Business Development Intern

Business Development Intern

By Chiara Kastanova, Business Development Intern   As a finance major, my primary skillset revolves around corporate financial statements and stock analysis. I had signed up for Venture for Canada in hopes of finding an internship related to my field of study. That’s when David, Wingman Direct Marketing Crew Chief, first reached out to…

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How long does it take to get website traffic?

Website traffic hands on keyboard

You thought you’d have more leads and sales by now! You launched your new website yesterday and still haven’t seen any forms be submitted. A little doubt knocks at your brain and suggests that you wasted your money or were sold magic marketing beans (again maybe?). The Wingman crew wants…

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Five ways WMDM uses ‘Wingmanning’ to Have your Back

Wingmanning to have your back. Two men standing in aircraft hangar looking at a tablet.

In a 2019 GQ article, author Sophia Benoit described “How to be a good Wingman.” Movies portray the Wingman assisting their friend in their pursuit of someone they find attractive. Wingman Direct Marketing (WMDM) favours the flight terminology that defines “Wingman” as a pilot who supports and protects the flight lead…

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