4 Lessons Learned as a Digital Marketing Intern

4 lessons learned

I am currently in my final semester at Bow Valley College, completing a business administration diploma with a major in digital marketing. I had the privilege of being hired as a fall intern at Wingman Direct Marketing.  Over the past few months, I have learned so much from my Wingman crew. This experience has taught me a lot of new skills and really opened my eyes to how a marketing agency functions. Keep reading below to find out some of my lessons learned as an intern at Wingman this fall.

Ask Questions

Starting a new job can be scary as you are learning how everything runs. But I have learned that it is important to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! I know my crew was patient with me as I was still learning and had lots of questions. I know sometimes it can feel like I was bombarding everyone with my questions, but they all never made me feel bad for asking. Collaborating with my team is important because it allowed us to bring new ideas to the table and get tasks completed. The internet is not always correct, so it is better to just ask. There is no such thing as a wrong question to ask.


My crew showed me that working together as a team is very important. My crew was always very helpful and supportive during my internship. We all made sure to have each other back and be as helpful as possible. Sometimes you can get overwhelmed with tasks, that’s why each of us is always ready to offer a helping hand whenever possible. It makes such a difference when you have a reliable team to lean back on. Working together with my fellow crew really taught me the importance of teamwork.

Stay Organized 

It can be tricky sometimes to stay organized with multiple tasks. During my internship I found it helpful to write a list of all my tasks ranking the importance of each. This way it was easier for me to stay on track and stay organized through out the week. It can be easy to become unorganized that is why it is important to find new ways to stay on track. For example, make sure you limit your distractions while you’re working. This skill is very important in the work environment as it makes it easier to complete tasks timely and efficiently.

Problem Solving

Sometimes when you come across a problem it can feel nearly impossible to overcome. As I was new and still learning, I would be faced with problems inevitably. It is important to remember that sometimes you may need to take a step back and approach the problem again with a clear mind. As I was challenged to complete tasks that were new to me I had to make sure I took the time to read things carefully, so I was able to overcome any small or large obstacles that came my way.

Lessons Learned

These are just a few of the lessons learned through my internship at Wingman. I have learned so much in just a short amount of time as an intern and I am grateful for all the hands on experience I got these past few months. I’m especially grateful for all the help from my crew and for their patience as I was learning new things. This internship really opened my eyes to how the marketing industry works and I have really enjoyed my time here at Wingman.