How to Market Yourself as a Consultant

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Work with a Wingman to create an effective marketing strategy for your consulting business.    

As a consultant, it almost goes without saying that your business relies on your ability to get clients.  

However, while you have an expert grasp on your profession of choice — be it accounting, human resources, or IT — and are the ideal person to provide other businesses with the professional advice they need, you may not be an expert at marketing your services.  

That is where Wingman Direct Marketing steps in. With our skillful crew in the co-pilot seat, your consulting business has all the marketing support required to convert prospects into clients and provide businesses with the expert advice only you can give them.  

Don’t waste your valuable time and money on trying to do it all yourself. At Wingman, we will audit your promotional needs and work with you to establish your unique, strategic marketing plan.  

Discover a few of the services we can offer to help you market yourself as a consultant:  

Invest in a Social Media Campaign and Paid Ads  

Social media networking can be one of the most successful ways for a consultant to connect with new clients. However, reaching your target audience organically has become increasingly difficult due to rapidly changing algorithms and the sky-rocketing popularity of social platforms.  

With a Wingman crewmember by your side, we will help your consulting business meaningfully connect with clients by: 

  • Developing strategic social media campaigns. Through gathering intel on your target audience, refining and articulating your brand voice and writing data-driven posts with engaging photos and graphics, our team will invest the many hours it takes to create and manage a social media campaign that results in a loyal followership and opportunities to grow your business.    
  • Investing in paid ads that work. Paid advertising is the most effective way to stand out from the digital noise on social media. Ads geared toward your ideal customer help prospective clients find you — already giving you an edge when it comes to converting those leads into new business.  

Launch an Email Newsletter  

Chances are, you’ve already built a website that outlines what your consulting businesses can offer clients — although our web design service is ideal for giving your site a refresh. Yet, are you maximizing the reach of your website by including a newsletter signup?  

Email marketing can be highly beneficial for engaging the right clients with the right message. In fact, clients and prospects that subscribe to your email list are proven to be more engaged than those that are not. 

The effort and skill required to effectively execute email marketing is a huge undertaking. Let a Wingman handle the heavy lifting by: 

  • Leveraging our decades of experience with direct mail to craft expert email messaging. Much of what we have learned through our many years of working in the field of direct mail is transferable to email marketing — giving us an edge on the competition.  
  • Curating and designing date-driven, reusable campaign templates. We will give you the tools required to craft email content that ushers your clients and leads through the sales funnel, re-engages with past customers and establishes your expertise as a consulting business.  

Utilize Content Marketing   

Another way to maximize your website and establish thought-leadership is through including a blog. Content marketing not only boosts clients’ trust in your consulting businesses’ expertise, but also drives traffic to your website.  

Our team of experts can help you tap into the benefits of content marketing through: 

  • Setting you up with your perfect content management systemAt WMDM, we are platform agnostic — meaning that we truly believe in matching your needs with the perfect content management system for you. We will coach you how to use your CMS of choice and set you up for success through creating simple-to-use, branded templates that enable you to publish content with ease.  
  • Crafting expert, SEO-informed content. Our crew is likewise adept at creating search engine optimized and thoroughly researched content that showcases your professional expertise, builds trust with customers through answering some of their frequently asked questions and increases your website’s index ranking.  

Keep Clients Engaged 

Client retention and loyalty is key for any small business owner — but particularly so for professional consultants. At Wingman, we will work with you to find out what you need, and want, from your current clients and develop a re-marketing campaign geared towards keeping these customers engaged. Through monitoring the success of the campaign, we will also advise you on how to adapt and continue to optimize your re-marketing strategy going forward.  

Work with Wingman 

Are you ready to market yourself as a consultant with the help of the Wingman Direct Marketing team of experts? Discover our full range of services or book a Wingman today to get started.