How to Market Your Canadian Home Care Business

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Grow your small business with the help of a Wingman.   

As an entrepreneur and caregiver, you have one of the most fulfilling and challenging jobs. Not only do you spend your days caring for the sick, disabled and/or elderly, but you also have to pour extra energy into growing your Canadian home care business. 

We can help. At Wingman, we understand that you want the freedom to focus on giving your clients outstanding care without the added stress and expense of having to onboard and train an in-house marketing team.  

Instead, we will work with you to develop a strategic marketing plan designed to fulfil your specific needs. With our team of marketing experts in the co-pilot seat, we can take care of the marketing “stuff” so that you can hire caregivers instead of marketers and ultimately provide more help to those in need.   

Discover the Wingman crew’s tips for marketing your Canadian home care business below:  

Build a Compelling Brand  

The high-quality care you give to those in need speaks for itself. However, until a client has experienced the level of professionalism, thoroughness and kindness with which you treat all your customers, potential leads need to experience those qualities through your branding.  

Our team of experts will work with you to develop brand design that: 

  • Communicates your company’s core values visually. You started a care-giving business because you believe in the important work you do. Show prospective clients the compassionate, professional care they, or their loved ones, will receive from your company through as simple an action as looking at a brochure.   
  • Instils trust in your target market. As the owner of a home care business, you know that you have two primary customers: The infirm and/or elderly, and their families. Putting a loved one’s health in your hands requires a lot of trust, and having branding that resonates with your clients on an intellectual and emotional level is key to gaining that trust.    
  • Creates a cohesive feel across each marketing tool you employ. There are a number of tools at Wingman’s disposal to market your Canadian home care business. Having a cohesive brand story throughout these tools — from social media to direct mail — will communicate your company’s values clearly to your customers.  

Invest in Direct Mail 

Despite living in a digital age, direct mail marketing is one of the strongest marketing tools available to small businesses. Not only does our team of experts have decades of experience in the direct mail field, but the medium also has a higher return on investment than paid search and online display ads.  

Direct mail marketing will enable your company to: 

  • Connect meaningfully with your target markets. With our experts in your corner, we can plan out campaigns personalized to the people you want to reach. For a caregiving company, direct mail is especially useful as many of your senior clients may not be as tech savvy as their families.  
  • Communicate your key messaging effectively. Direct mail marketing cuts through digital noise to help your company stand-out from the competition. Not only does direct mail marketing enable your caregiving business to stick in the minds of prospects, but it’s also much easier for older clients to learn about your company and keep a tactile resource on-hand for their reference.  
  • Spark a conversation. Perhaps a prospective client only requires short-term care while a broken bone heals, or maybe a family is ready to speak with a senior relative about investing in long-term care. Either way, having a physical piece of messaging to refer to during these conversations will help your home care business connect with leads, and make clients feel empowered and informed.  

Focus on Web Content and SEO 

As effective as direct mail is for helping grow your home care business, being part of a digital age also means having a professional, informative and easy-to-use website design. Part of this design includes search engine optimized (SEO) content for clients to access.  

Our skilful crew can help you create a content marketing strategy that will: 

  • Empower leads and build trust in your company: Having access to expertly crafted resources such as a blog on your website will help prospective clients feel empowered — especially during a time of uncertainty, such as when a senior family member may suddenly require additional care. Blogs that can provide answers to client’s questions also builds trust in your home care company by illustrating your knowledge and expertise.    
  • Drive more traffic to your website. As a search engine “crawls” through thousands — if not millions — of results, optimizing your web pages for those search engines helps communicate the usefulness of your site. Essentially, the search engine will deem the content of your website more trustworthy if it has been calibrated to what a potential client is looking for.   

Seek Professional Referrals  

Once you have worked with a Wingman marketing professional to develop a results-driven marketing strategy — from meaningful branding to a user-friendly website — you will be setup for success when reaching out to nurses and doctors to refer your company.  

Before reaching out to these professionals, it is integral that they too feel your company is trustworthy, professional and dedicated to its clients. Having a healthcare professional that prospective leads may have interacted with in a hospital keen to refer your home care business is invaluable to the growth of your company. 

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