7 Twitter Bio Ideas to Convert Visitors Into Followers 

Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio is your brand’s introduction to the world. You have 160 characters to define your brand, establish its personality and be memorable. Are you doing your business justice in this space? The first thing your audience sees when they search for your brand on Twitter is your Twitter bio.  

There are 300+ million daily active users on Twitter. If you are on this social media platform, you cannot afford to keep your Twitter bio boring. A good bio can help you connect with the right audience. With the use of the right keywords, information and hashtags, you can create a smart bio that magnetically attracts followers. 

Done well, your Twitter bio will give your profile visitors a reason to follow your handle. Additionally, Twitter bios are also searchable. It gets search indexed by search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Twitter’s own search. 

So, how do you say what your brand is all about in 160 characters? Well, start with what you do, whom you do it for, how you do it and the expected results. We are A and we do B for C resulting in D. Too methodical? Maybe. Instead, go with your “why” statement or tap into the emotions of your customers. 

Some examples of Twitter Bios and our comments: 

  • Coke (@CocaCola) Real Magic is only a sip away  
    Simple and no wasted characters 
  • Starbucks (@Starbucks) Shake up your Spring  
    They change their Twitter Bio often. Currently using this space to draw attention to their spring iced lineup
  • New York Yankees (@Yankees) Official Twitter of the 27-time World Series Champions  
    If Wingman had 27 world titles, we might lead with a little bragger too 😊 
  • CNN (@CNN) It’s our job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories 
    Feet on the street news 
  • Disney Parks (@DisneyParks) The happiest Twitter feed on Earth! Sharing news and magic for Disney Parks, Experiences and Products 
    Playing on their tagline, “the happiest place on Earth,” Clever. 
  • Tom Cruise (@TomCruise) Actor. Producer. Running in movies since 1981 
    To the point, with a tongue in cheek bit of humour. 
  • Wingman Direct Marketing (@WingmanDirect) A wingman supports the lead pilot during flights. The same is true in #marketing — you don’t have to fly solo 
    It’s your objective; we help you achieve it. 

While some brands quickly convey what they feel without touching the Twitter bio character limit, or sometimes using just emojis, others fail to craft a lucid introduction.  

7 Twitter Bio Ideas to Convert Visitors into Followers 

In brief, the below tips will showcase how you can craft the right Twitter bio for your business. 

1. State your business upfront.

This seems common sense but when you’re shaking someone’s hand when you meet them, you state your name clearly. A digital handshake is no different. 

2. Add your location.

Unlike the tactile handshake, your visitors are more global. Particularly if you want to do business with them sometime in the future, your Twitter bio should remove any of the guess work of where you are located.  

3. Add relevant hashtags.

Remember, your bio is indexed by search engines so use these 160 characters to get yourself found for what you do. If you make widgets, make sure your Twitter page can be found by people looking for widgets. 

4. Add a personal touch.

The Disney Parks example above is on point. Ironically, the Disney Parks example is a great Twitter bio. But their other entities such as Marvel, Disneyland, and Pixar simply say, “The official Twitter page of <Disney entity>.” So impersonal. If your brand lends itself to humour, use light humour. If you are celebrating a monumental anniversary, share that. This is a first impression for most. Be yourself. Be your business. 

5. Add your achievements.

Not only is the Tom Cruise example above mildly amusing, but it is also on point to the history he brings to his craft. If you have a project that you think would be noteworthy and can be stated in the limited space Twitter bio provides, share it with the Twitter-verse.

6. Add your website URL/link.

People finding your Twitter bio are online (obviously! 😊). Ensure they have a one-click solution to find out more about you. Your website has infinitely more characters to use than 160. 

7. Popularize your products.

Like the Starbucks example above, you can change your Twitter bio as often as you like. If your business has distinct seasons or promotions, use this space to bring attention to them. Or use this space to highlight your core products or brand-new products. 

According to SocialPilot, 330 million people use Twitter daily. If you have a decent presence on the platform, rest assured there are few hundred – possibly thousand – who will visit your Twitter bio. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a great first, second, and third impression. This is your chance to turn your visitors into followers. Your Twitter bio will give you the opportunity to present a snippet of your brand.  

Use these 7 tips above to get found and to be engaging when found. Once you are done creating your killer Twitter bio, your job is half done. Now, take your astounding Twitter bio and start creating a memorable presence on the platform. Post engaging tweets about your community, your business, your products, recent events, and thoughts on topics interesting to your ideal followers. (But don’t be too sales-y. try and keep the promotions to no more than one third of your overall posts.) 

No time to be on Twitter a few times a day or week? No sweat. Use an agency such as Wingman to help with your bio creation, your post creation and publishing regular content on your behalf. And/or use a publishing tool. Craft dozens of posts at the same time and schedule them to go out between now and 3 months from now.  

Don’t know where to begin? Book a Wingman today and we can lend you a hand to get found. You don’t have to fly solo!