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CALGARY, AB MARCH 1, 2021 –Wingman Direct Marketing today announced that it has been named agency of record (AOR) across multiple online and offline branding and marketing disciplines by The HSA Group’s HSA Easy Pay Ltd. and HSA & WSA Employment Benefits Ltd. Both companies, herein referred to simply as HSA Group, are Calgary-based health and wellness benefits solution providers using technology to revolutionize the provision, payment and reimbursement of health benefits.  HSA Group is a fresh start-up owned and operated by Alan Napier from an observation that actually using Health Spending Account (HSA) or Wellness Spending Account (WSA) benefits often means the employee is out of pocket by as much as 2-3 weeks. “Healthcare is stressful enough. Paying for it shouldn’t be.” Says Napier.

WMDM will assist HSA Group with engaging and consistent branding on everything from web presence to sales collateral to internal communications with a focus on maximizing  lead generation for their key product offerings.

Wingman and HSA Group come together through happenstance – Napier was the fortunate winner of a Wingman bomber flight jacket from this past October’s Calgary Chamber of Commerce small business week online expo. HSA Group and WMDM have been partnering on several small branding projects in the past few month before agreeing to work together on HSA Group’s full marketing identity and execution. Today’s news is significant as the two companies will work side-by-side to ensure HSA Group remains an industry leader in this sector and impactfully grows their reach of products and customers..  

Health related start-ups are starting to become a niche for the Wingman team after working with another exciting Calgary-based long-term care productivity start-up in late 2019. Since Wingman’s launch,  they have been at the forefront to assist several diverse clients ranging from health services, financial, professional services,  video production and more. Wingman has assisted some of their clients with one-off needs but have specialized with clients needing a much broader strategy consisting of pre-flight and in-flight tactical marketing goals. The WMDM crew has made impressive strides in marketing themselves and networking in the community in order to market B2B. It’s “do as we do” attitude allows WMDM to market itself with the same passion and gusto it generates for each of its clients.  WMDM has made strides in growing its industry experience adding film production, manufacturing, and health services clients in WMDM’s short tenure.  These sectors of marketing expertise grow upon its previous strengths in financial, telecom and supply chain industries.  

“At WMDM, we get very excited about clients like HSA Group,” said WMDM Crew Chief David Daigle. “this is the kind of client that is doing all the right things as a start-up and growing the right ways. Now, they simply need a Wingman to watch their back and guide them on their coming plans. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with HSA Group now and well into the future.”

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About HSA Group

HSA Group is a Calgary-based company established in 2020 by Alan Napier and team for the purpose of providing an innovative cost-effective and secure method of branded prepaid health and wellness cards to cover HSAs in Canada. The HSA Group intends to eliminate fraud while providing cost effective and easy-to-use solutions for HSA and WSA usage in Canada. The team at HSA Group strives to be the long-term HSA provider industry leader in Canada. We exist to provide Canadian employers and employees with convenient, flexible, and secure payment  methods for private HSA’s to maximize CRA tax benefits (100% tax-free). Health care is stressful enough, paying for it shouldn’t be.

About Wingman Direct Marketing

WMDM is a boutique marketing agency. It is the collection of several marketing experts with vast array specialties that came together in 2019 to provide multi-channel online and offline solutions for our clients. WMDM has decades of expertise providing successful results-driven marketing solutions in the strategy, design and execution of effective programs, campaigns, and one-off projects. WMDM houses a crew of experts at streamlining efficiencies and maximizing results while always mindful of campaign cost and timing. Wingman Direct Marketing: you don’t have to fly solo.

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