6 Months of Seasonal Marketing Ideas (Part 2)

Seasonal marketing. Winter scene of snow and trees gleaming in sunlight.

Yup, you smelled correctly. That is definitely pumpkin spice in the air.  

How can your business take advantage of the seasons to prop up your campaigns? There is an almost limitless number of upcoming special days to make your Fall and Winter seasonal marketing campaigns timely. We at Wingman have collected 15 end-of-year and new year dates to help you develop social media content or unique promotions for your business. 

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Late Summer / Early Fall 

1. Back to School. The students have all started to go back to school in-person or online. What aspects of your business can draw parallels to this? Do you have resources—eBooks, White Papers, full-blown courses—to offer your clients? Or, you can focus on the return to normal routines in households and the office. If you offer products or services that save time for parents, this will resonate nicely this time of the year. 

2. Labor Day. Did you know Labour Day began in Canada? Labour Day, the first Monday in September, has been a statutory holiday in Canada since 1894 and is now celebrated in more than 150 countries. Its origins can be traced back to 1872 when a parade was staged in support of the Toronto Typographical Union’s strike for a 58-hour workweek. Your business can use this day to show staff appreciation, diversity, and appreciation to all workers

3. Youth Sports. Many youth activities and sports start in September. Although 2020 will look different for sports events, many teams have still found a way to engage the youth of our communities. These youth sports prove very useful for marketing. Your business can directly involve itself through sponsorships and jersey purchases. Themes of good sportsmanship and overall fitness can flow naturally into your marketing communications.  

4. Nationally and Internationally Observed Days. There is no shortage to “Days” you can find (or even create) to wrap a promotion around such as: 

5. Terry Fox Run. This day has been a celebrated Canadian event for over 40 years.  This year, the run is on Sunday, September 20th and will be done virtually. Your business can get involved directly and indirectly through donations, sponsorships, and simply participating. If your entire team gets out and runs together, the photos from the day make terrific non-sales related content. You will be seen supporting the community and thus generating good will amongst your prospects and clients. 


6. Embrace Fall. Fall starts on September 22nd. The days are noticeably getting shorter and leaves are changing colour. Your business can frame offers around the change of season, perhaps even drawing on the metaphor of falling leaves and falling prices. Or, generate an engagement campaign around the scenic season by generating a Fall photo contest.  

7. Halloween and Thanksgiving. These major holidays can be “frightfully” good opportunities to hang seasonal marketing campaigns on. If you have office or retail space, you can decorate. Also, your language can embrace the fun-spirited nature of these days. Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks. Why not use this opportunity to thank your clients for their business? This can be as simple as an email or hand-written and signed letter from your whole team. Thanksgiving’s family feel-good feeling can be reflected in your content as well. 

8. Fall Back. Daylight Saving offers an extra hour of sleep (November 1st this year). Your business can play on that theme with ways to use that hour or to “stop dreaming” and take advantage of your special offers.  

9. Small Business Week. Small Business Week (October 18 to 24) is an annual celebration of entrepreneurship that the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) has organized for over 40 years. Every year, close to 10,000 entrepreneurs gather to learn, network and celebrate the people building businesses across the country. You can create a campaign with new themes each day of that week. Focus on your innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, community-focused culture, etc. You can also start a campaign focusing on buying local and giving back. 

Holidays / Winter 

10. American Thanksgiving. In the past two decades, marketers and business owners have been drawn to the American Thanksgiving spending season (November 26). #BlackFriday promotion pages have already been published on the Walmart Canada and Best Buy websites. It is now one of the highest grossing days in the Canadian retail calendar. #SmallBusinessSaturday, #CyberMonday and #GivingTuesday are all celebrated in Canada now as well. Your business should embrace some or all these Days for your relevant service and product offering.  

11. Christmas. Your business needs to jingle its own bells this season and start from within. Start planning your holiday seasonal marketing promotions earlyYou can start with designing new images and graphics that your team can use to celebrate the season and your brand. Seasonal banners, social media cover photos, email signatures, and stationery can all receive a holiday facelift. Your prospects react better to emotional triggers, so use this to your advantage. Leverage a holiday theme into your promotions such as offering “12 days of savings”. For online advertising, Shopping Ads are a great tactic to leverage if you sell distinct products. They are effective because they provide imagery and pricing that a prospect needs to make a fast and emotional decision about your products. And, it has the added advantage of one-click access to purchase. 

12. Boxing Day. Canada’s original version of Black Friday. If it makes sense for your products or services to offer promotions around Boxing Day, brainstorm the items that make sense to clear out. Or, promote services and products as leaders to bigger ticket sales.  

13. Year End. The days and weeks leading up to New Year’s Eve are a fantastic time for your business to offer education, entertainment, and deals in a reflective way. Things you did well this past year. Wins that give your business an improved reputation. Your content can also reflect tones of endings and departures.  

14. New Beginnings. A new year brings with it new hope. Resolutions are not just for the individual; your business can also take advantage of the new year to set out new goals and market new offers. Be cognizant of the fact that resolutions are being made by others – going to the gym more or eating takeout less. How can your services or products be leveraged to take advantage of these annual behavioral changes

15. Let it Snow. December 21st is the official first day of Winter and the shortest day of the year. Many people dislike winter due to long periods of time indoors, dark skies, and treacherous driving conditions. Your business should concentrate on how to make winter easier for your prospects. Use your marketing campaign to demonstrate how your products or services make the cold season more bearable and relieve stress. 

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