Donations to Calgary Food Bank: Your $1 Becomes $5

Calgary Food Bank - food sorting warehouse

Photo courtesy of Calgary Food Bank.

Did you know that for every $1 donated to the Calgary Food Bank, they can distribute the equivalent of $5 worth of food to families in the community that need it? We bet you didn’t realize how valuable your financial donations to were!

In April, Wingman Direct Marketing hosted a light-hearted contest encouraging people to comment and share our COVID Bingo card (see below).

Jamie Bower and his daughter Isabella were the lucky winners, collecting a set of Apple AirPods with wireless charger (retail value $269). On top of that, WMDM donated $269 to the Calgary Food Bank in Jamie’s name. Thanks again for entering the contest, Jamie!

About the Calgary Food Bank

The face of hunger is not only the homeless in our city, it could be the family next door. The child next to you in school, the co-worker at your office, the person sitting next to you on the bus, past classmates, or the person who serves you at your local business. These are your friends and neighbours who face a life set back and need all of our help and compassion.

The Calgary Food Bank is not a government nor United Way funded organization. They are community-owned and supported. It takes community action to provide healthy and nutritious food support, helping one family, one person at a time. In partnership with the food industry and people like you, for every $1 received we can distribute $5 worth of food. We invite you to help by contributing online, by phone, mail or in-person.

Thank you Jamie. The donation in your name, through community partnerships, becomes over $1,300 in food assistance to our community.

Need food? Call the Calgary Food Bank Hamper Request line at 403-253-2055.

If you can, please donate today.

Crisis Communications Bingo Card

Since the start of March 2020, you’ve probably been flooded by #COVID19 emails from companies updating you on their response to the situation (some of which we’re guilty of saying too!).

As marketers ourselves, we couldn’t help but notice some repetitive phrases in these communications…so just to lighten the mood, we decided to put together this Crisis Communications Bingo card.

Crisis Communications Bingo Card

Take care of yourself, Calgary! And please do not hesitate to reach out to Wingman if you need any further assistance.  

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