10 Communication Strategies in a Time of Crisis

Communication strategies - Woman at a desk at dusk

Wingman has compiled a list of crisis communication strategies to assist your team in today’s current situation. However, this is also the way you should be marketing and running your business even in the best of times.

1. Focus on thankfulness. 

You can lament the situation at hand or to be grateful for what you have. Complaining attracts complainers. Negative thoughts pile up and feed on each other. Gratitude works the same way, so don’t choose to complain when the same energy and resources could be spent on graciousness.  

2. Focus on the possible. 

During stressful situations, people paralyze themselves by focusing on what they can’t do. Take advantage of the resources available and take refuge in the mini-victories. In time, these smaller victories will pile up and become one large success.  

3. Focus on how you react. 

Control what you can and control your response to those you cannot. When there is uncertainty, direct your energy towards responding creatively. 

4. Focus on you. 

Listen to your gut and trust it. Take these self- directed voices and put them into action. 

5. Focus on here and now. 

Carpe Momentus (seize the moment). The future will take care of itself if you strive to be better each day. Focus on what you can do today. 

6. Focus on others.  

Stress brings out the worst in people. Focus on helping others and become a source of confidence for those around you. 

7. Focus on relationships. 

Disregard your own agenda and focus on strengthening the depth of all your relationships—family, friends, staff, vendors, clients and prospects. By deepening these relationships short-term (and continuing to do so into perpetuity), the overall viability of your offering will increase long-term. 

8. Focus on value proposition and value add. 

People want solutions to their problems. People don’t like being sold to, crisis or not. During times of crisis, they shut down. No sales will be made unless you can help overcome their dangers, capture their opportunities, and reinforce their strengths. 

9. Focus on new opportunities. 

During a crisis, what you once took for granted will disappear. Continuing what you did before may not yield the same results (or any). Pivoting to a new game plan and fresh way of looking at solutions, ideas, tools and resources will bring previously unseen opportunities to light. 

10. Focus on progress. 

New situations and environments can defeat you or reveal new strengths. Treat this challenging situation as a time where you can make your greatest progress. 

We hope this list of crisis communication strategies was helpful for you and your business. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to a Wingman if you need help in implementing any of them. All the best!