12 Reason to Use Radio in Your Marketing Mix

Radio in your marketing mix - person selecting a radio station in a car

Are we really suggesting to include radio in your marketing mix? According to Bright Local’s 2019 Local Consumer Review Survey, people search locally 90% of the time. This has led to more and more focus on Local SEO for successful locally-focused websites. The purpose of SEO is to become visible through search engines to as many prospects as possible in and around your area or to those who perform location-specific searches.

Interestingly, radio has been doing the above for decades. The purpose of radio is to have your brand become known, through targeted radio spots broadcasted to as many prospects as possible in your local area.

The purpose of SEO has been a built-in component for radio broadcasters for decades. A radio spot such as Pete the Plumber’s “Have an annoying leaky tap or a toilet that won’t flush? Call the Superhero of Plumbing” utilizes the same functionality as SEO. Online, that homeowner might type in “leaky tap” and “Calgary” as search terms. The radio spot covers the same problem speaking to it while they are at work, in their car or at home. In today’s multichannel world, that homeowner will likely do both. So, when they do Google “leaky tap” they will see Pete the Plumber and recall hearing Pete’s ad while they were driving. Radio plays really nice with other mediums.

Radio is one of the best ways to drive traffic to online search, as 57% of listeners go online after hearing something on the radio. 39% of listeners say radio spots prompt online searches, and 20% of listeners are already online while listening to the radio.

Wingman Direct Marketing follows the principles behind the 4Ps of marketing – Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. Place in particular is up for debate in today’s digital world. Where should we market? The easy answer to that question is wherever your target market is. And for most demographics, that location is in their car, at home, and at work. Radio marketing uniquely has the reach to hit your prospects in all 3 places.

12 reasons to use radio as a part of your marketing mix:

  1. Radio is free
  2. Radio is immediate
  3. Radio breaks through marketing noise
  4. Radio reaches your target audience
  5. Radio gives voice to your brand
  6. Radio is intimate
  7. Radio is influential
  8. Radio prompts emotive responses
  9. Radio is cost-effective
  10. Radio utilizes frequency as opposed to reach
  11. You are the most important target of Radio
  12. Radio is an active medium capable of stirring emotion

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