One Size Does Not Fit All: Responsive Design

With the abundance of smart, connected devices flowing in the market, your website needs to adapt to any screen size.

It’s very common nowadays for consumers to own more than one device per person. In 2017, an analysis was done by GlobalWebIndex on the number of devices an average person owned. It turns out that it was an average of 3.2 per person with the most common devices being phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Another website predicts that this number will increase to a staggering 15 devices per person in 2030.

When I stumbled upon that title, I had a knee-jerk thought to myself, “Why on earth would anyone need that many devices?” But after I pondered a little more, I realized that I’m a consumer above the average—by a large margin. I’m (a little) embarrassed to admit it, but as a tech-savvy millennial, my household of 2 people has 11 connected devices—5.5 devices per person for our house.

For me, I have my phone, laptop for work, and personal desktop. My fiancée uses her personal phone, a work phone, laptop for work, and a personal desktop. The devices shared between us are the smart tv, smart thermostat, and 2 Google Home Minis—no tablets (because that would be crazy).

However. what does this mean for you and your customers? Well more likely than not, your customers are looking at your website with all kinds of screen sizes. Sometimes their resolution may be HD, and others, not so much. And just to top it all off, a website needs to adjust its width to accommodate for different screen orientations like portrait (holding the device vertically) or landscape (holding your device horizontally).

Well, this is where responsive design comes in, and it’s a necessity for any modern website. Without responsive design, you detract from your customer’s viewing experience and may be put off by your website. A negative impact from your customers will impact your search engine rank, crippling your chances of having your website in the front of the eyes of a potential customer.

How many devices are connected to the internet in your household?

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