Daycare Marketing Strategies

Daycare marketing strategies

Work with a Wingman to attract more parents to your childcare business.   

Caring for children keeps you busy. After all the playtime, learning, snack time, story time and running around after little ones all day it’s difficult to feel motivated to develop a solutions-driven marketing strategy.  

Yet, you know that a promotional plan is critical to the growth of your daycare business — although it may feel overwhelming to tackle a marketing strategy by yourself.  

At WMDM, you don’t have to go it alone. Our team of experts has your back. We will work with you to audit your marketing needs and establish a strategy that provides solutions tailored to your daycare.    

With a Wingman crew member in the co-pilot seat, you can forget the hassle and expense of hiring an in-house marketing team — or trying to learn it all yourself — and save your energy for providing compassionate and playful childcare.  

Take a look at a few of the marketing tools our experts can use to help you create a daycare marketing strategy:   

Take Advantage of Social Media  

Even the busiest parents take time out of their days to scroll through social media, and it sounds like almost a no-brainer to ensure your daycare company has a social presence. However, did you know that as the popularity of using social media has increased, the effectiveness of organic searches has decreased?  

Our expert crew at WMDM can help your childcare company’s social media marketing stand out from the competition by: 

  • Crafting strategic content geared toward your ideal customer. Our crew is well-versed in developing data-driven social media campaigns. With an expertly crafted campaign, your social media presence will build a targeted community following, communicate your brand story and become a source that parents trust — even if they only have a few minutes to scroll through your feed.   
  • Using paid advertising. Paid social media advertisements will complement the campaign our experts develop for your brand. Not only will these advertisements have a higher chance of reaching parents in need of a local daycare, but the promotions will also peak a lead’s interest in visiting your Facebook page or Instagram feed to learn more about your childcare business.  

Build a Landing Page  

While it’s also important to have a fleshed-out website design as part of your daycare marketing strategy, a landing page is optimized to funnel leads towards a specific call-to-action. For instance, you may include a landing page where parents can sign-up for a newsletter, register for a consultation or a fill out a contact information form.  

The Wingman team can craft a landing page for your childcare business that:  

  • Provides busy parents the must-know highlights about your daycareA parent looking for a new daycare already has their hands full. Through a streamlined landing page, he or she is able to learn what the need to know about your business without having to spend precious time researching. 
  • Enables you to gain prospective leads’ contact information. Whether a parent falls in love with your daycare immediately and wants to schedule a visit or has additional questions for you, they will need to get in touch. A landing page that helps parents contact you brings you one step closer to converting warm leads into your newest clients.  

Create Branded Materials  

When you want to be the company that comes to mind when parents are looking to place their children in daycare, you need to have a brand design that speaks to those prospective clients. 

With a Wingman by your side, we will work with you to develop a brand that: 

  • Communicates your company’s core values. From your logo and brochure to your website design, your brand should tell the story of what drives you as a childcare provider. Do you emphasize teamwork? Playing outside? Learning while having fun? Treating others with compassion? Our team of experts will help you share these values through your company’s visual identity.   
  • Resonates with your ideal customer. No two daycares are alike, and the qualities that set your childcare business apart are also what draws-in your target audience. We will work with you to create an authentic brand geared towards winning over parents that share the same core values that you do.  

Make Use of Direct Mail   

Without a doubt, we live in a digital age and any marketing strategy should include an online presence. However, did you know that with the rise of digital ads, direct mail advertising has become a novel experience for customers? This experience helps create brand-recognition and will set your daycare business apart from the competition.  

Our WMDM experts have decades of experience in the direct mail field. Work with us to create a campaign that: 

  • Is a cost-effective means of converting leads into customers. Direct mail has a higher return on investment than paid search and online display ads, meaning that your money is well spent investing in a tactic proven to be effective.  
  • Create an emotional connection with prospective clients. Since direct mail advertisements are tactile and can make use of all the five senses — even taste — this marketing channel has the opportunity to truly evoke an emotional response in parents looking for a daycare service. Our creative team will work alongside you to develop lasting materials that both inform and engage your target market.  

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