Tips for Marketing Your Locksmith Business

marketing your locksmith business

Work with the Wingman crew to grow your locksmith company through an effective marketing strategy.    

While there was a time when customers in need of a locksmith simply turned to the trusted guidance of the Yellow Pages, now, the marketing game has completely changed. Many consumers use smartphones to conduct online searches to find a trusted company amidst the millions of possible Google results.  

For mobile and store-front locksmith businesses alike, standing out from the competition through the use of a comprehensive marketing strategy is more important than ever. Yet, putting together your own marketing plan may sound like something you don’t have the time for — after all, you are busy providing locksmith services to customers in need of your help.  

That is where WMDM comes in. Our team of expert marketers are equipped with all the tools you need to work with you and create a marketing strategy designed to help your locksmith business grow.  

Read on to discover a few of our marketing tips for your locksmith business, and how outsourcing your marketing needs to Wingman is in your best interest.   

Complete a Competitive Analysis  

Before understanding which promotional tools we will employ as part of your locksmith business’ marketing strategy, we need to understand your competition. To do that, our team will conduct an in-depth review of your competitors that will: 

  • Arm your company with the knowledge to out-compete your rivals. The Wingman crew will undergo a deep-dive into your competition’s social media channels, websites, market positionings, client reviews and more to give you the information needed to develop a marketing strategy that ensures your business stands out from the crowd.  
  • Empower your locksmith business to stay on-top of industry trends. Conducting a competitive analysis will also give our team — and you — greater insight into key trends that will impact how we market your locksmith company.  

Create a Landing Page   

In today’s digital age, it is imperative to have some level of online presence — especially as customers are more likely to view a company with a website as more professional and trustworthy.   

While a comprehensive website is useful for marketing your locksmith business, so is a landing page. A landing page differs from a website in that it’s only one page that provides potential customers with all the essential information about your company, while also funnelling them towards a clear call-to-action.  

For instance, your landing page may present a contact form for client’s interested in obtaining a quote for installing a new lock, or a booking service for customers that require a new security system.   

Utilize Direct Mail 

While having an online marketing strategy is crucial to garnering more business for your locksmith business, another one of the most effective ways to stand out from digital clutter is through a direct mail campaign.  

Our company has decades of experience in managing direct mail campaigns, having distributed nearly 750 million mailing pieces across North America. Working with you, we can create a direct mail campaign that: 

  • Connects meaningfully with your target market. Direct mail campaigns can be highly personalized to the people you want to reach. Not only can direct mail integrate all five senses — even taste — whereas online ads only highlight two, but tangible pieces of advertising also have a longer shelf-life. Your advertisements will be available for prospects to refer to time and time again — possibly even finding a home in a highly visible area of a lead’s home, such as on the fridge or phone table.  
  • Communicates your key messaging effectively. Since direct mail is a novel experience for many people today — as so much of advertising has moved online — your messaging, branding and locksmith company’s name will be all the more memorable to your target audience.  

Take Advantage of CRM 

How do you currently track quotes, invoices and customer information? Whereas spreadsheets can be confusing and pen and paper easy to misplace, a Customer Relationship Management system — or CRM system — is ideal for saving all your client information in one place.  

Additionally, a CRM system is the perfect place to store photos and notes about each job your business completes. This way, should a customer have a problem with the new lock you installed or a follow-up question regarding their new security system, any employee can offer outstanding customer service because he or she has access to all the necessary information.  

At WMDM, we can help you find the perfect CRM system for your locksmith business’ needs. We are platform agnostic, meaning that we will deliver an unbiased report highlighting your different options.     


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