Marketing Strategies for Residential Cleaning Services

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Create an effective marketing strategy for your residential cleaning business with the help of a WMDM wingman.  

Have you just started a residential cleaning company and are looking to expand your business?  

The surest way to see your cleaning business grow is by investing in a results-driven marketing strategy. If developing a marketing plan sounds like a lot of time and effort — when as an entrepreneur you already invest most of your energy into operating your cleaning business — then you may want to outsource your marketing needs to an agency.  

At WMDM, we understand that entrepreneurs need marketing support so that business owners like yourself can focus on doing what you do best: Providing outstanding customer service while expertly cleaning your clients’ homes. 

Let us be your co-pilot. While you take your business to new heights, the Wingman crew will be by your side offering our marketing expertise and championing the growth of your cleaning company.  

Continue reading to learn more about how the WMDM team can create a marketing strategy for your cleaning service:  

Branding and Design  

Your brand development and design is far more than a font, colours or logo — although these aesthetic attributes are an extension of your brand story. Working with a Wingman crew member, we will create a brand story for your company that: 

  • Is an extension of your cleaning service’s values. What separates your cleaning service from other companies? The qualities that make your business unique are conveyed through expert branding and can create a powerful connection with prospective clients. Not only does authentic and professional branding stand out from the competition, but it also serves to help you connect with like-minded individuals.  
  • Resonates with your target audience. Like we mentioned above, branding has a powerful way of connecting with people who share your values. If your branding resonates on an emotional level with your target audience, your company is more likely to be employed by the same clients you want to connect with. Expertly crafted branding will keep your company at the top of your target market’s minds.  

Direct Mail  

Since we live in an increasingly digital world, direct mail is far from a marketing tool of the past. Rather, tangible advertisements have the power to stand out in prospective clients’ minds, reach your ideal customer effectively and have a longer shelf-life than digital ads.  

Our team has decades of experience in the field of direct mail. We can develop a mailout campaign that: 

  • Has lasting power. While they have their place, digital ads are fleeting — they appear while scrolling through Google or social media feeds only to disappear after a few moments. The physicality of direct mail, on the other hand, makes for a more memorable impression. Additionally, clients can easily find the information they need about your cleaning services — streamlining the conversion process of turning leads into regular customers.  
  • Is cost efficient and has less tactical competition. Did you know that direct mail his one of the most economical marketing tactics available to entrepreneurs? Yet, less business owners make use of this advertising channel than digital ads — meaning that there is also less competition. Direct mail is truly a method through which your clean service’s message can shine, without the added expense of costlier marketing tactics.  

SEO and Content Marketing 

On the topic of cost-effective marketing tools, search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing are also economical tactics that drive customers to your website and guides prospects through the sales funnel.  

Search engine optimized content marketing, such as blog posts and informative articles, benefit the growth of your cleaning business by:  

  • Providing customers added value while establishing brand authority and trust in your cleaning company. As a residential cleaning service, you are being invited into your clients’ homes to take care of their personal spaces. This act requires a lot of trust in both your employees and your company. A blog that gives answers to some of your customer’s frequently asked questions not only illustrates your expertise, but also builds trust in your cleaning service through empowering leads.  
  • Boosts your website’s index ranking. Blog posts that have been optimized for search engines improve where your website appears in a Google search by increasing your site’s authority and relevance. Essentially, as a search engine “crawls” through millions of hits, it is more likely to find your website trustworthy and useful if you have posts that are geared towards what a client is looking for.  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  

Do you have a method for tracking cleaning jobs and your clients’ information? Whereas spreadsheets can be confusing and pen and paper easy to misplace, a Customer Relationship Management system — or CRM system — is ideal for logging all your customer info in one place.  

Additionally, should a client have a problem or an area of his or her home require specific cleaning instructions, all of this information can be stored in a CRM system. That way, any employee can tackle a clients’ cleaning needs while also knowing any particular requests.  

At WMDM, we can set you up with the perfect CRM system. We will outline all the pros and cons of a given software so that you can make an informed decision as to what works best for your unique needs.   

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