Marketing Ideas for Psychologists

Psychologist on a chair with a patient resting on a blue couch.

Work with a Wingman to connect your clinic with people who need help.    

Running a psychology clinic is about more than just running a business. You are providing a service that makes a life-changing impact on your clients — you patients. Providing expert emotional and mental health support, while also staying on-top of the day-to-day operational needs of your clinic, is no easy feat. 

Marketing your services is undoubtedly important. How else will you reach people who need professional help? Yet, the time and financial stress of hiring and training an in-house marketing team may not be the solution. Rather, outsourcing your marketing needs to an agency empowers you to focus on caring for your patients while also growing your clinic’s business.  

When you work with WMDM, you are partnering with more than a marketing agency. Rather, you are working with a team of people who will pour the passion, energy and attentiveness into your clinic’s marketing strategy that you pour into caring for your patients. We understand how important it is for your clinic to be able to reach the people who need your help.  

Read on to discover how our crew can take care of your psychology clinic’s marketing needs so that you can give your patients the time and attention they deserve.   

Make Your Website Design More Approachable  

For many of your clients, your website is the first interaction they will have with your clinic. It’s important that your site is not only informative and easy to use, but also relays the compassionate and professional treatment that patients will receive at your clinic.  

At Wingman, our crew of experts will work with you to create a website design that:  

  • Increases trust in your brand and connects with clients. As a psychologist, you know that the trust you have with your patients is integral to building a relationship. For potential patients that find your clinic online, this trust begins with your website. The WMDM team will create a site that is easy to use, transparent, communicates your values and experience, and provides an easy way for clients to reach out.   
  • Is responsive across a variety of platforms. Increasingly, people are using their smartphones to look up information online. Having a responsive website that functions on laptop, tablet and smartphone screens ensures that potential patients don’t get frustrated when trying to learn about your psychology clinic’s services.  

Invest in Paid Ads and Social Media Marketing  

Social media can be one of the most effective ways to connect with your target audience and make more people aware of your psychology clinic’s services.  However, did you know that because social media platforms are so popular, it is very difficult for businesses to show up through organic search alone? Instead, pairing a strategic social media campaign with paid advertisements is the best way to reach people who need your help.  

Our skilled team can manage a social media campaign that: 

  • Connects meaningfully with your social following. Expertly crafted social media posts that inform and engage with your target audience are key in developing an online community that shares in your clinic’s values. Our team has the professional knowledge to boost engagement and increase your following through articulate, data-driven and visually appealing posts.  
  • Is supported by targeted paid ads. Like we mentioned above, a social media campaign that is complemented by paid advertising is the most efficient way to get your clinic’s name to stand out amongst the millions of social media users. This is because paid advertising specifically targets people who are most likely to need your clinic’s services. Instead of having to find your clinic through time consuming searching, paid ads bring your clinic’s information right to prospective patients’ feeds.  

Utilize Content Marketing   

As a psychologist, helping your patients and putting their health first is your number one priority. Did you know that content marketing can be a way to do this while also garnering more interest in your clinic? 

Through including a blog on your website, you can: 

  • Offer mental health insights and valuable information to potential and current patients. When a person is battling with a mental health issue, before he or she takes the initiative to connect with a psychologist they will likely be researching ways to feel better on their own. Through a helpful and authentic blog, your clinic can publish articles that help patients and direct them to seek professional care.   
  • Drive more clients to your website. Through incorporating SEO practices, a blog is one of the best ways to improve your website’s index ranking and drive more traffic to your website.  

Launch an Email Newsletter 

In a similar vein to how content marketing can be an excellent way to provide your current and potential patients additional professional help and boost their trust in your psychology clinic’s services, so is email marketing.  

Email marketing offers one of the highest engagement rates with patients and prospects that have subscribed to your mailing list. Through creating personalized, relevant and timely communications, you can nurture relationships with patients who have already visited your clinic and promote your services to people who are interested in reaching out.  

Work with Wingman 

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