Marketing for Painting Contractors

marketing for painting contractors

The Wingman crew will work with you to create a results-driven marketing strategy designed to grow your painting business.     

As the owner of a professional painting service, you know better than anyone how competitive the market is — and how key standing out from your rivals is to your business’ success.  

While you already deliver outstanding, friendly and efficient customer service, word-of-mouth marketing will only get your company so far — especially in an age where marketing is no longer as straight forward as putting an ad in the local paper or phone book.  

We get it, developing a results-oriented marketing strategy on your own can feel overwhelming — especially given that you devote most of your energy to providing clients outstanding service while improving their homes.  

So, don’t go at it alone.  

At Wingman Direct Marketing, we always have your back when it comes to your painting business’ marketing needs. Continue reading to learn a more about marketing for painting contractors with WMDM.  

Conduct a Competitive Analysis   

The painting contractor market is saturated with other businesses looking to boost sales and onboard more clients. By conducting a comprehensive competitive analysis to understand what other companies doing, our team will:  

  • Arm your company with the knowledge to out-compete your rivals. Before developing a marketing strategy for your painting business, the Wingman crew will undergo a deep-dive into your competition’s social media channels, websites, market positionings, client reviews and more. This knowledge will give you the information needed to ensure your company stands out from the crowd.  
  • Empower your painting business to stay on-top of industry trends. Completing a competitive analysis will also give both you and the Wingman crew greater insight into key trends that will impact how we market your painting contractor company.  

Design a Landing Page 

Having an online presence is key in our increasingly digital world — indeed, many consumers are more likely to trust companies with websites compared to companies that do not have information available on the internet.  

However, while a website design is integral to your overall marketing strategy, so is a call-to-action driven landing page. For instance, say a customer clicks on a social media advertisement specifically promoting your indoor painting rates and is directed to your website’s home page. This can lead to frustration and confusion if a lead has to scour your site to find what they were looking for in the first place — meaning he or she could lose interest.  

Rather, a landing page that clearly lays out what you are offering and has an action prospects can take — such as inquiring for a quote or booking your team — is a more effective way to quickly convert leads into paying customers.  

Utilize Targeted Facebook Ads and Social Media Management    

Social media has become a part of most people’s daily lives — so it follows that a social media campaign is an effective means of advertising your painting contractor business.  

However, did you know that the increasing popularity of social media platforms has made it more difficult for businesses to be found via organic search? Rather, paid advertisements are key to complementing your social media marketing strategy.  

The expert Wingman crew can work with your painting business to develop a social media campaign that:  

  • Posts content that resonates with your target audience. Building a loyal following is one of the reasons why social media marketing is so appealing to many small businesses. Ensuring that your content is expertly crafted will help posts connect with consumers while also illustrating your painting company’s industry expertise.  
  • Is supported by targeted paid advertisements. As we mentioned above, paid advertising is well worth the investment because these ads reach a very specific audience, enabling people who require painting services to more easily contact with your company and, ultimately, hire your team.  

Keep Previous Clients Engaged 

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to boost your painting contractor company’s business is by maintaining your relationship with previous customers through nurturing client retention and loyalty. After all, once you have won over a client with your exemplary customer service, you’ll want to be top-of-mind for his or her next project.  

At Wingman, we’ll ask questions and listen to you to establish what you need and want from your customers. From here, we’ll create a re-marketing campaign that will help keep previous clients engaged with your company.  

Additionally, we will monitor the success of the campaign and advise you on how to adapt as your business grows to continually optimize your re-marketing strategy going forward.  

Work with Wingman 

Discover more about marketing for painting contractors through working with the WMDM team. View our full range of services or book a Wingman today to get started.