How to Market Your Commercial Cleaning Business

commercial cleaning business

Through completing a competitive analysis, website design and comprehensive performance reporting, WMDM will help you grow your commercial cleaning business.

Grow your commercial cleaning business through working with Wingman Direct Marketing.  

Expanding your commercial cleaning business can seem daunting. Unlike residential cleaning services, you rely on connecting with business as opposed to individuals — so traditional marketing tactics like posting flyers in a neighbourhood may not have the same effect as it would for a residential cleaning company.  

Your target market is completely different, so your marketing strategy will have to be completely different too. Perhaps you’ve heard the term B2B — or Business to Business — marketing be thrown around by your competitors, but what does that actually entail?  

At Wingman, we will help clear up the confusion and work with you to establish a B2B marketing strategy that connects your company with businesses that need your cleaning services.  

Don’t waste your precious time and energy trying to figure it all out by yourself. Instead, partner with the expert crew at Wingman and we’ll ensure you never have to fly solo.  

Continue reading to discover a few of the services we offer that will help you market your commercial cleaning business.   

Complete a Competitive Analysis 

Understanding your competition not only helps you stay one step ahead, but also provides valuable insight into the trends emerging within your industry.  

Our competitive analysis will prepare your business to stand out from the crowd by:  

  • Conducting thorough research. Our expert crew will take a deep-dive into your competitors’ marketing strategies through analyzing their social media channels, websites, online communities, industry news, and more. We will not only track the competitions’ strengths, weakness and marketing position, but will also present what we find in a digestible package.   
  • Taking what we learn to develop a data-leveraging marketing strategy. Armed with the knowledge uncovered through our analysis, we will sit in the co-pilot seat and help your commercial cleaning company fly above the competition through positioning your business for success.  

Invest in Website Design 

Having a website lends credibility to your commercial cleaning business, while also providing prospective clients the opportunity to learn about your services and get in touch. However, just like how a fighter jet needs a landing pad, so does your marketing strategy. This is where your website design comes in.  

The team of experts at Wingman will help you build a website that: 

  • Provides a platform to convert leads into sales. An informative website that also includes a functional design will encourage businesses to reach out to you. Whether through a contact page or a landing page including a call-to-action, giving leads the power to ask questions or inquire about your rates is the first step in building a relationship.  
  • Reaches more leads through a responsive design. Smartphones have changed the way people interact, and it’s now more important than ever that your website can adapt across a variety of platforms. If a lead gets frustrated trying to navigate a webpage not suitable for their smartphone, it’s unlikely they will transition to a laptop to learn about your company. Rather, your lead will move on to the next commercial cleaning service.  

Utilize Virtual Customer Assistants  

One of the surest ways a warm lead will turn cold is because of long response times to his or her inquiry. Through the use of chatbots, you can avoid missing a prospect’s message or not answering a question quickly enough because you are on a job.  

Additionally, chatbots are an easy way to filter out the less-serious clients so that you can direct your attention to businesses more likely to convert to new customers.  

Stay Organized with a Customer Relationship Management System   

CRM or Customer Relationship Management system enables you to streamline the process of fulfilling your clients’ needs while also saving time as your commercial cleaning business grows.  

The Wingman team can help you find the perfect CRM system that will help you: 

  • Organize customer data and store it in a single platform. Having all your clients’ information in one place will enable you to access it when needed. Perhaps you require a referral from one of the business you clean for, or would like to begin sending out company newsletters. Having readily available access to your customers’ information is invaluable for nurturing leads and reconnecting with previous clients.  
  • Streamline estimates and invoicing. Take away the hassle, stress and room for human error when it comes to billing your clients. Not only will this save you time and effort, but using a CRM to handle invoicing will also make the process easier on your clients.   

Perfect with Performance Reporting  

At Wingman, we understand the importance of performance reporting. Working with you, we will ensure that your commercial cleaning business is not operating blindly. Instead, we will listen to your objectives and follow your unique goal timeline to ensure your company’s growth stays on-track.   

Not only will we monitor your cleaning service’s business performance, but we will also create digestible, easy-to-understand reports with our expert recommendations on how to get you closer to your long-term vision.   

Work with Wingman 

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