Digital Marketing for Accountants

digital marketing for accountants

Work with a Wingman to create an effective marketing strategy for your bookkeeping business. 

Accounting is one of the most integral services for managing both personal and small business finances. Indeed, chartered accountants have a unique set of skills that can make or break an entrepreneur’s new venture.  

However, while there is no shortage of people in need of an accountant, finding those clients can prove to be a challenge — especially in an age of information where so much advertising occurs online.  

This is where WMDM can help. We understand that your day is already spent crunching numbers for clients and that you have little time to figure out a marketing strategy that cuts through digital noise.  

We also know that for your small bookkeeping business, hiring an in-house marketing team is an added expense that may not reap you the immediate rewards you’re looking for. Rather, outsourcing your marketing needs is a solution that saves you time and money while giving your business the support it needs to grow.  

The crew of experts at Wingman will work with you to develop, implement and track a digital marketing strategy designed to boost business and expand your client base. Read on to discover a few of the service we offer.  

Develop a User-Friendly Website

Too often at Wingman we see clients’ websites that are confusing to navigate, filled with industry-specific jargon and ultimately unhelpful for potential clients. As an accounting service, people are looking to your company for clarity and help in a field where they likely have little expertise — and may even feel overwhelmed thinking about.  

Ensure your website design empowers prospects and makes them feel like working with your company will be easy, transparent and supportive. Our team will help you build a website that enables clients to: 

  • Understand your company history, values and services: If an individual or a business is looking for an accountant, they are going to research a few different companies before selecting. It is very important that your website stands out, makes a good impression and gives prospects the answers they are looking for — it’s kind of like the “digital” hand shake and initial interview when hunting for a new job.  
  • Trust that your business can deliver solutions to their accounting problems. Functional design that is user-friendly makes clients feel that communicating with your accounting company will be effortless. Additionally, having all the information a prospect needs about your company at their fingertips builds trust through transparency.  

Make Use of SEO

“SEO,” or Search Engine Optimization, is one of those marketing buzzwords that you’ve likely seen thrown around a lot during your research into digital marketing strategies for accountants. But what does SEO actually do? And how does it help promote your bookkeeping company online?  

SEO is essentially how search engines decide whether or not a website is trustworthy and useful to a searcher. As a search engine “crawls” through millions of search results, it needs a little guidance to know what articles and websites are most relevant to a query. When content utilizes SEO practices, it’s like giving search engines a helping hand to find your website. 

As digital marketing experts, the crew at Wingman knows how to implement SEO tactics that guide search engines to your website. Your website will appear higher in index ratings and build trust with prospects because your content has been calibrated to provide answers to their questions.  

Invest in Content Marketing 

Content marketing is where SEO tends to be particularly useful. As part of your digital marketing strategy for accountants, content marketing — such as a blog — is beneficial to clients because it: 

  • Empowers prospects and provides added-value. Accounting is one of those industries that can feel really intimidating to a lot of people. How many times have you heard a client say, “Math is just not my thing,” or, “Tax season, more like stress season!” A blog that provides no-nonsense answers to some of your clients frequently asked questions make them feel less in the dark while also establishing your company’s professionalism and authority.  
  • Improves your website’s index rating. As we mentioned above, blog articles are the perfect place to take advantage of SEO. Through including topics that prospects are searching for and integrating long-tail and short-tail keywords to give search engines a hand finding your website, you guide more interest to your site and help usher prospects through the sales funnel.  

Track Progress with Digital Marketing Analytics    

We may not be accountants, but at WMDM we like numbers too — especially when they track the progress of your digital marketing strategy. Our company’s roots stem from data-driven marketing campaigns. Having worked with large blue-chip corporations and small business alike, we know the power of digital marketing analytics.  

We will analyze, assess and compile what we learn from tracking your digital marketing campaign data into digestible reports. Armed with this information, you will be able to gain valuable insight into your target clients’ behaviour and be able to continuously improve their online experience.  

Work with Wingman 

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